Cranleigh Methodist Church is proud to stand within the tradition of the Methodist Church of Britain as well as within the global family of Methodism.  Methodism is concerned with everyone.  We believe that all people are loved and valued by God, and that God forgives all sins. We therefore seek to serve people – to meet need – to listen and learn from everyone and to help people to see how the love and forgiveness of God can make a difference to their lives.  We live by the four elements of Methodism’s ‘Our Calling’:  Worship, Service, Learning and caring, and Evangelism.


Banner made by members of Cranleigh Methodist Church for the World Methodist Conference 2016
Banner made by members of Cranleigh Methodist Church for the World Methodist Conference 2016


Mission Statement

In partnership with the church across the world, the other local churches in Cranleigh and community organisations:

We believe our calling is to bear witness to Christ by:-

  • Offering worship to God which celebrates our relationship with Him and enables us to respond to his endless love for us.

  • Honouring God in our daily lives by caring for the needs of others and doing what is required of us with integrity and faithfulness.

  • Serving the God who is within and around us by building bridges between the church and the wider community, developing partnerships and encouraging the sharing of resources.

  • Seeking by our words and actions to show the love of Christ to others, encouraging them into relationship with Him.

We believe that, by the power of the Holy Spirit, God’s presence can be known through us, and we commit ourselves to building His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.


Cranleigh Methodist Church is a member of Churches Together in Cranleigh.  A  number of ecumenical services and events take place throughout the year, supported by members of each congregation and open to all.

The best way to find out about the Methodist Church is to see the Methodist Church in Britain’s website

The history and heritage of the Methodist Church can be found here